Apple iMessage Class Action

The Honorable Lucy H. Koh, U.S. District Judge for the Northern District of California, entered an order appointing Roy A. Katriel of The Katriel Law Firm as Interim Class Counsel in the class action case styled as Moore v. Apple Inc., No. 14-cv-2269-LHK.  This class action alleged that Apple's iMessage application caused text messages to be undelivered when sent to former Apple users who had switched their iPhones to a non-Apple device.  The complaint alleged that Apple was liable for tortuously interfering with class members' contracts with their wireless service providers, which entitled them to receive text messages, and also was liable for violating California's Unfair Competition Law.  The Court previously upheld these claims of the Class Action Complaint filed by The Katriel Law Firm.  Thereafter, a favorable settlement was reached with Apple to settle all of the plaintiff's claims..

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