Antitrust Law

Antitrust law is concerned with the legal protections afforded to players in a market economy.  Its goal is to protect the competitive process.  It does this by outlawing certain behavior or practices that distort and adversely impact competition, like price-fixing, market allocation, concerted refusals to deal, and other anticompetitive conduct.

The Katriel Law Firm has a robust antitrust legal practice.  We represent plaintiffs in antitrust lawsuits, most often in the class action context.  We have represented consumers as well as other market actors who seek to hold alleged antitrust violators accountable.  The Katriel Law Firm has been appointed Class Counsel in several antitrust class actions in federal and state courts across the country.

Our antitrust experience includes numerous multi-million, national, classwide settlements.  We have the experience and knowledge to take on cases against the largest antitrust defendants, and our cases have led to precedent-setting opinions in the area of antitrust law.

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