Product Liability

The law of product liability deals with harm caused by defective products.   Such defective products can result not only in personal injury, but also in economic harm.  A consumer who purchases a product that turns out to be defective likely would not have purchased the product or would not have paid the full purchase price had the consumer been made aware of the existence of a defect in the product.

The Katriel Law Firm has broad-based experience in litigating product liability cases, especially on a class action basis.  We have represented consumers in product liability cases involving allegations of design defect, manufacturing defect, failure to warn, and a breach of warranty.  Our cases involve claims against defendants in a wide variety of industries, including automobile manufacturers, electronics manufacturers, cellular telephone makers, and others.

The Katriel Law Firm has succesfully resolved many product liability class actions.  The settlements secured by The Katriel Law Firm have resulted in multi-million dollar recoveries for thousands of class members nationwide.  We have the technical and legal know-how and experience to zealously represent product liability plaintiffs.

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